George Abbott White (whizzer)

George Abbott White PhD is a teacher, writer and education technology consultant living in Boston, Massachusetts ( USA ). He also makes photographs for "Public Eye, Political Photojournalism" and organizes international travel and learning with "Global Education."

In another life he (mis) made station wagons and Thunderbirds for the Ford Motor Company ( River Rouge, Livonia, Wixom ); scribbled for The Michigan Daily; organized demonstrations for S.D.S.; successfully coached a junior high soccer team ( Bobcats - whose Leftwing became British Foreign Secretary ); heard Alan Heimert remind us more than once at Eliot House 'we are all midgets standing on the shoulders of giants'; and brought together the Czech Republic's Vaclav Havel and Apple Computer's John Sculley, twice, in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, and Prague. 

He has been the editor and publisher of poets and writers, including Anne Stevenson and Carl Oglesby; has written or edited a number of books: New Poet Series; Literature in Revolution; Simone Weil: Interpretations of a Life; Plain Pictures of Plain Doctoring: Photographs from the Farm Security Administration ( with John D Stoeckle, MD ); A Tree of Man ); more than 240 essays, articles and reviews; and, in his non-existent spare time, advised a high school newspaper and its 50+ editors, writers, photographers and business managers, from 1989 until 2011. 

When not repainting or repairing his heavily-mortgaged 1892 Queen Anne with Brian Murray's Brookline Iron & Steel firm, he mulches roses; raises Norwich Terriers; casts with his Battenkill; remembers Sallie, his 17-foot sloop-rigged Lowell's Boatshop wooden boat. Days of a Triumph Bonneville and Ruger Blackhawk are dreams, less substantial by far than the Red-Tailed aristocrats who frequent the fifth floor terrace railing of Boston's Athenaeum, or trout on Ohio's Mad River.

N.B. PHOTOGRAPHS not otherwise indicated may be downloaded and printed without charge but please credit: George Abbott White

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